How to Help California Wildfire Fire Victims

The Salvation Army is accepting monetary donations online or by phone at 800-725-2769. The donors should specify that the money is designated for San Diego fire relief.

Fallbrook San Diego County fires. Photo Credit: E. Jones
Fallbrook San Diego County fires. Photo Credit: E. Jones

Relief agencies around San Diego County were gearing up to help victims and first responders at a series of wildfires that broke out this week.

The Salvation Army said it deployed two mobile hydration units to serve water, electrolyte drinks, coffee and snacks to first responders and those impacted by the fires.

"Along with hydration and food, spiritual comfort is our priority," Lt. James Parks of the Escondido Salvation Army Corps Community Center said. "We appreciate all of our community volunteers and those who give so generously to help those impacted by the wildfires."

The Salvation Army is also accepting monetary donations online at sandiego.salvationarmy.org, or by phone at (800) 725-2769. The donors should specify that the money is designated for San Diego fire relief.

Donations can be mailed to The Salvation Army Divisional Headquarters, SD Fires, 2320 Fifth Ave., San Diego, CA 92101.

With the American Red Cross, San Diego chapter, already in action assisting evacuees, the chapter in Los Angeles plans to dispatch four emergency response vehicles to the region.

A group of Red Cross supervisors is also planning to come to San Diego for a one-week period.

Read updates on the other San Diego County Wildfires here: 

— City News Service

Brenda May 17, 2014 at 02:43 AM
Remember your donations go to the Red Cross overall funding. Which is good, but just so you know its not just for the SD victims. Also remember when giving cash to anyone or donations that every single one of these people will get at least a grant check (do not have to pay back) starting at 5k on up depending on how many children, etc. which covers the first week or so for them to get a place to stay, even if its a hotel. They also then go on to receive more grant funds and then eventually the big lump monies from Fema and/or the State to rebuild, cover housing, their losses, etc. These are the loans that will end up putting a lien on their "owned" homes for the length the owners own the home and they can either make payments or not pay it off until they sell the home, that is rebuilt or repaired. Depending on which loan program they qualify the interest could be anywhere from 3 to 6 percent approx. (all the billions we give to other countries to rebuild they never have to pay back, but our own tax paying US citizens have to pay back these rebuild loans). If any renters are displaced, they receive the first lump of 5k or more and then more if needed after that first week. That first lump of money is FREE money, doesnt have to be paid back, to get the homeless, displaced whatever they need that first week. After a disaster like this I see so many donation, CASH, places, people pop up and everyone is donating here and there and all over and there is no need to dig into most of your empty pockets for more cash when it is readily being given out as we speak. Certainly GIVE to anyone you like and can afford especially when we can give so many billions to other countries where its misused. Just do not feel responsible to give when you cannot afford it as the victims will have this money in hand within 2, 3, -5 days, it doesnt have to be paid back, and there is more to come for them after the first weeks rush is helped for immediate needs. I have went through a earthquake where my house was darn near leveled, and the San Diego fires twice. Thank God for a swift thinking daughter who booked us Red Roof Inn, 5 rooms, 40 bucks a night, with 3 dogs, 4 love birds, Dad, Mom, 5 kids, 1 boyfriend, Grandma. They were FANTASTIC in SD. Remember military that there are all the homes to rent for vacations on the beaches and around San Diego and they also provide alot of resources. As far as the any little basstagges who lit these fires.......Ohhhh boy.
Ian Gebow May 17, 2014 at 07:24 AM
Tell them to leave CA?
Robert May 17, 2014 at 09:25 AM
Here's an idea, don't build a house in areas which catch on fire every year, after year. This is the same advice you give people who live in areas which flood along the Mississippi Ana Missouri Rivers "every year"!
A Delargo May 19, 2014 at 11:42 PM
They are alive and will and be getting new homes after Fema pumps up the award from their insurance company. A year from now they will be laughing about it as they relax in the new pool and hot-tub.


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