The Ten Best Videos Of Fathers Singing 'Let It Go' With Their Daughters

Cool off with some father-daughter renditions of Frozen's ubiquitous hit.

Let it go, Dad! (Youtube screen shot.)
Let it go, Dad! (Youtube screen shot.)
When it comes to "Frozen," can we all just let it go?

Not on Youtube. And not these fathers and daughters.

And that might be a good thing. Songs from the Disney blockbuster seem like they have taken every other slot on Youtube, with some hilarious, and heart-warming, results. 

Here are 10 versions of "Let It Go" from fathers and daughters around the country, just for fun. And check out the "bonus" at the end.

The first video listed, of little Blakely and big Billy, put the father-daughter duets on the map, with more than 2 million views.

Have a favorite? Tell us in the Comments section below. And share your own links!

Tammy Osier June 29, 2014 at 10:35 AM
My oldest daughter has three kids, girl, boy, girl. My grandson is between two girls (imagine the horror). So, being a male child, you know he either picks at them or makes noises that annoy the crap out of them. Unfortunately, the girls haven't learned coping skills for little brothers, so they scream and swat at him, which delights him to no end. I was there while he was making buzzing noises to annoy the youngest, and she was swatting at her brother and shouting, "STOP IT!!!" I leaned into her and gave her some sage advice. I told her, "Every time he tries to get your goat, just sing, "LET IT GO" at the top of your lungs. Greatest strategy on earth. It worked!!!!
Sean July 01, 2014 at 10:56 AM
These videos seem more about the Father wanting to get attention than anything cute or genuine at all. Look at me , Look at me!!!!!!!!


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