Hot Stuff is Back: Heat Advisory Today

Temperatures will soar this afternoon in Cuyahoga Falls.

Is your air conditioner running?

If so, you'd better go catch it, because you'll really need it on Tuesday.

The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for much of northern Ohio. It starts at noon and runs through 9 p.m.

A high of 95 degrees is forecast for Cuyahoga Falls, with the heat index, which factors temperature and humidity together to get what it really feels like outside, rising up near 102 degrees.

Fortunately, this extreme heat is only going to be here for Tuesday. Wednesday, temperatures go back down into the 80s. And there's a 60 percent chance of thunderstorms tomorrow as well, for those with thirsty yards.

Children often won't notice they have signs of dehydration or heat exhaustion. Keep an eye on them, make sure they're wearing sunscreen if they're outside, and have them stop play regularly for drinks and cooling off in the shade or inside.

Some senior citizens people may be resistant to using air conditioning. Look in on elderly friends, neighbors and relatives, and make sure they're cool and hydrated. Offer to take them to an air-conditioned place such as or for the afternoon.

Take care of your pets. If they're outside, make sure they can get to a shaded area and have plenty of water. Bring them indoors if you can. Watch for signs of dehydration. And don't leave them in the car while you're running your errands. The inside of a car can get dangerously hot in less than five minutes.

John Deike July 17, 2012 at 02:34 PM
What are you doing today to beat the summer heat?


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