Woodridge Superintendent Receives 4-Year Contract Extension

The Woodridge School Board voted 4-1 Tuesday night to extend Superintendent Walter Davis's contract.

Woodridge Local Schools Superintendent Walter Davis will lead the district through the 2016-17 school year, reports the Falls News Press.

The Woodridge Board of Education approved the contract extension 4-1 at its meeting Tuesday. 

Board member George DeBord cast the dissenting vote. He favored an extension, but referred to the approval of the four-year contract as a "rarity," according to the Falls News. 

The new contract will run from Aug. 1, 2013 to July 31, 2017. Davis joined the district in 2010 at $110,000 per year and will continue earning that amount.

"The salary is the same salary I've had for the past three years - with no increase," Davis said via email on Wednesday. "As such, the Board awarded an additional year - moving from a three to a four year contract."

By law, the board could have approved up to a five year extension. 

"...All of our district administrators (including me) voluntarily increased our contribution to the healthcare premium to 10%," said Davis. "My contract does not provide for any salary increases - there are not 'steps' or 'longevity bonuses' or any other money related items."

When asked what he hoped to accomplish in the coming years, he wrote: "Over the next four years, there are many initiatives that we plan to examine and, hopefully, complete. We need to continue to offer a comprehensive academic program of studies for our students. That will mean ongoing analysis of course offerings, programs, and curriculum. Additionally, I am hopeful that we will be able to engage the community in conversations about our facilities. Is it time to consider a new elementary school building? What additional needs might there be with existing facilities to ensure that we are able to provide a contemporary program of studies? I would also like to expand existing - and build new - partnerships with local business and industry officials to provide even more opportunities for our students to gain real-life workplace experiences..."


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