Cuyahoga Falls Schools Superintendent: 'We Are Not Profiling Children'

The district is working to create a safer learning environment with new security measures, but according to Dr. Todd Nichols, that does not include profiling children or creating a "list" of students who may be prone to violence.

On Jan. 6, the Cuyahoga Falls City Schools announced it would be working closely with the Falls police and fire departments to ramp up security in the district.

The partnership translates in part to more police officers patrolling schools, additional monitoring devices and restricted access to schools while class is in session.

Superintendent Dr. Todd Nichols told the Falls News Press the district would also focus on "the identification of individuals who may be at risk for violent behavior.”

Given the comment, rumors circulated that Nichols intended to document the names of students who may be prone to violence. In an email to Patch on Monday, Nichols dispelled the claim. 

He wrote:

Allow me to make one thing perfectly clear, the district is not creating a “list” of students who are at-risk to be active shooters...What has been discussed is a program sponsored by the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy entitled Profile of an Active Shooter. Recently, training information, dates and locations were sent to all superintendents in Ohio from our Attorney General, Mike DeWine’s office. The training is sponsored by the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy, not by the school system.

As a school system, we have a full contingent of mental health professionals who regularly assist any student/family who may be struggling. Teachers often serve as the first point of contact and refer students to our professionals for assistance and intervention. We will continue to serve our students and the families of this district in this way in an effort to provide support and guidance. 

Again, there is no “list” and we are not “profiling” children.

Cuyahoga Falls Police Capt. Jack Davis reiterated Nichols' comments, but said the district's staff would undergo training to identify "red flags" that could help in preventing emergency situations.

Sumco Res January 15, 2013 at 01:46 PM
It would seem to this observer that if a student has had violent tendencies, that such should be noted so that proper corrective action can be taken. That is called "profiling" in my book, and is not necessarily bad. Yes, profiling can be abused. BUT, if little Johnny or Suzie says "I'm going to kill you", it would seem that proper corrective action needs to be implemented so that it doesn't really happen. Profiling is a valid preventative measure, BUT it needs to be done responsibly, honestly and fairly. I would hope that our teachers and administrators are honest and fair and responsible in all of their activities. If not, perhaps they need to be reminded how to do that in the most severe way possible. Failure to prevent violence is a plan for disaster and a total lack of responsibility on those entrusted to educate our children. Perhaps part of the failure of the educational system these days is because of an almost total lack of physical discipline. There is no physical penalty for aberrant behavior. Sitting in an empty classroom in a "time out" is merely goof-off time. 20 running laps around the gym track would do a lot of kids good, both as a physical deterrent to bad behavior and as a physical conditioning exercise which is lacking in schools. I know, teachers and administrators fear lawsuits. That is why actions need to be documented and reviewed. That is part of ANY management job in real life!
Earl Elevant January 15, 2013 at 05:01 PM
They're going to "ramp up security" with one school resource officer for the entire city? Four high schools, all the middle schools, all the elementary schools, all the private schools, all the charter schools? Are you going to give him a blue uniform with a big S on his chest to cover all that ground?
Sumco Res January 15, 2013 at 06:07 PM
Perhaps you have a suggestion as to where to get the money to pay for all the extra patrolmen you suggest? When there is a concert, the concert promoter pays the cops. When there is a party, the promoter pays the cop. Maybe the school government (school board) need to hire the cops instead of the City government. Put the expenses in the correct place. It is called "accountability" for actions and expenses. School property does not belong to the City - it belongs to the School Board - just like a city within a city. Cuyahoga Falls cops do not patrol Akron streets! They shouldn't be patrolling the school board's "city". When the school board pays property tax, THEN Cuyahoga Falls will have the funds to patrol the school board's areas of responsibility.
Earl Elevant January 15, 2013 at 06:19 PM
The point is that all this is is talk. There's no substance to what they're saying. They're just trying to make people feel good about this situation without actually doing anything. The city has the money--and plenty of it--to put another cop in the schools, even if it's part-time. Just wait for the mayor's state of the city address. We probably have "more money than ever before," just like last year. They simply don't care enough to come off a dime. They'll tell the residents to pass school levies, but they don't want to give up anything themselves.
Fedupfallsmom January 15, 2013 at 10:14 PM
Another CYA moment brought to you by the Cuy Falls School District Administration!


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