School Officials, Parents Combat Bullying at Bolich Middle School

The parents of seventh grader Emily Deyoung pulled their daughter from Bolich Middle School after a bully threatened her with violence.


After trying an in-school suspension to resolve a middle school bullying problem, Cuyahoga Falls City Schools has adopted a new policy and taken drastic measures to keep students safe. 

It started about a month ago when seventh grader Emily Deyoung confronted a bully at as he picked on one of her friends. He called her friend "fat."

The boy, who was not publicly identified by the school district, threatened Deyoung and said he would "assault her, put her in crutches and burn her house down,” said Danielle Deyoung, Emily’s mother.

The Deyoungs reported the incident to school officials, who told the boy to stop bullying her.

Despite the punishment, the boy continued to threaten Emily, her parents said. So her parents, frustrated with the continuing problem, reached out to the school again.

“It wasn’t enough,” said Danielle Deyoung. “The boy is one of Emily’s classmates. After the suspension, he hopped right back on the same school bus as Emily and she didn’t feel safe. She had nightmares and the stress was making her break out in hives.”

The boy was then given a two-day, in-school suspension and was assigned a chaperone to escort him from class to class.

Deyoung said she was told by that officers were aware of the boy as other parents had also issued complaints against him.

With that, Deyoung pulled Emily and her older brother Aaron out of Bolich for nearly two weeks and refused to return them to class until further action was taken against the boy.

On Tuesday, Deyoung met with Superintendent Todd Nichols who promised that there would be zero contact between Emily and the bully.

Deyoung said she’ll return Emily and Aaron to school on Wednesday morning.

Nichols said he takes every threat seriously. He said the district is willing to accommodate the parents of threatened students. To that end, the district has put new policy changes in place to ramp up communication among parents, teachers, students and school administrators with the AlertNow call system.

The system sends out mass calls and text messages to inform the district of emergency situations or threatening issues.

Parents or students who have a bullying issue or potential threat to report should contact Nichols, a teacher, administrator or the Cuyahoga Falls police.

Unreported BB Incident Teaches Falls School Officials a Lesson

Your Comments Wanted on Bullying and Safety in Falls City Schools

Jeanne Daugherty March 16, 2012 at 11:46 PM
You are so right Courtney.. I hope we all do come together and make this school a safe place for our kids to learn! This is what our KIDS want!!!!
Roland Mcman March 27, 2012 at 06:38 PM
Michael and Marisa, two young siblings who make very truthful music, just released a single about bullying. It is very touching and uplifting. Here is the YouTube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WapBRdKcl1Y
CFmom August 20, 2012 at 05:01 AM
I have a 3rd grader and am buying a house-I have stayed away from Bolich area because I have heard nothing but horrible things about that school and she will be in middle school in a few short years. I found a house I LOVE in the area and was considering it, thinking I need to take what I've heard about the school with a grain of salt-but after reading all these comments THERE IS NO WAY I WOULD EVER ALLOW MY DAUGHTER TO GO TO BOLICH!!!! I'm not sure which is worse-the parents or the kids! Thanks to all of you for making my decision very easy and clear cut-best of luck to all of you and your kids!
Luvmyqts August 20, 2012 at 05:05 AM
Amen CFMOM!! We will continue to send our kids to the private school we have had them enrolled in for 5 yrs.
Earl Elevant August 20, 2012 at 07:54 AM
If there were more than one school resource officer for the entire city things might be different. How many schools does the Falls have in it? 20? The Falls is falling apart.


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