Tell Your Friends: Shutdown Doesn’t Affect Amber Alerts

The Department of Justice had shut down its national website, but local alerts were unaffected.

Credit: Fort Bragg Patch
Credit: Fort Bragg Patch
We are now entering week two of the government shutdown, and Americans keep learning about parts of the government they don’t want to live without. You may have seen your Facebook feed light up with assertions that Amber Alerts weren’t working. This isn’t true.

It is true that, until 11 AM Monday, AmberAlerts.gov was among the Department of Justice websites shut down. But Amber Alerts are run locally. Even if one had occurred early Monday morning, you would have seen the usual alerts on your phones and television.

There is no evidence that the federal shutdown stopped, or will stop, local jurisdictions from broadcasting information about missing children.

Most websites run by the Department of Justice continue to be offline, but AmberAlert.gov is live for the foreseeable future. "The amber alert system was never interrupted, but to eliminate any confusion, the informational site maintained by the Justice Department has been restored," a DOJ spokesperson said.

If you attempted to go to AmberAlert.gov earlier today when it was down, you may now have trouble accessing the cite because of a caching issue. Try again in another browser.

Do you think the shutdown is hurting us locally? Tell us why or why not in a comment or a blog post. If you want to contact your representative about the shutdown, you can do so at this website.


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