Storage Building for Brookledge Golf Club & Sprucing for Parking Garages: Council Quick Takes

Cuyahoga Falls City Council discussed an addition of a storage/maintenance building at Brookledge as well as some improvements to the city-owned parking garages at its meeting Monday night

Cuyahoga Falls City Council will consider a 110-feet by 55-feet building at the Brookledge Golf Club when it meets again next week.

The structure will store 76 golf carts and will also be used as a maintenance building at the golf course located at 1621 Bailey Road, Cuyahoga Falls.

Ed Stewart, assistant superintendent of Parks and Recreation, said the bidding and construction should go off without a hitch.

"Everything's on track," Stewart said at Monday night's city council meeting inside the Natatorium's Erie-Cuyahoga Room. "We open bids this Wednesday. We're hoping to break ground as soon as Mother Nature lets us."

Ward 4 Councilman Mark Ihasz, also Chair of the Public Affairs Committee, moved that the temporary ordinance (allowing the building of the structure) be voted on at the next council meeting.

Council also discussed an ordinance authorizing the director of public service to enter into a contract or contracts for concrete and masonry repairs to the city-owned parking garages at 2035 Old Town Loop (the “Blue” parking deck), 2052 Front Street (the “Red” parking deck) and 2318 Second Street (the “Green” parking deck).

The Public and Industrial Improvements committee also moved the temporary ordinance be voted on at the next council meeting.

MarkSindone March 29, 2013 at 10:04 AM
It is a good refurbishing plan as extra storage for the various golf equipment and vehicle is always good to keep things in place. This also means that there will not be an extra piece of land or an extra piece of unutilized storage area that will be abandoned and go to waste. There will not be any unused resources.


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