POLL: Pit Bulls No Longer Labeled as 'Vicious'

A new Ohio law, backed by Gov. John Kasich, took effect Tuesday and lifted the "vicious" label. Do you think it was the right move by the state's legislators?

Pit bulls will no longer be labeled as "vicious" dogs under a new Ohio law, according to the Associated Press. 

The measure that took effect Tuesday changes current law that defines a vicious dog as one that has seriously hurt or killed a person, killed another dog or is among those commonly known as pit bulls. The new measure removes the reference to pit bulls from the definition and requires evidence to prove pit bulls are actually vicious.

Gov. John Kasich signed the measure in February.

Some dog wardens opposed it because of frequent pit bull attacks. Others have said pit bulls are not inherently vicious.

The measure takes effect less than a week after a 3-day-old baby was killed in northwest Ohio by what a dog warden described as a pit bull mix.

Ryan Williams May 23, 2012 at 12:52 PM
Don't blame the breed because you hear about attacks on tv, often the dogs are not even pit bulls. I've worked with a lot of dogs, and never has a pit bull even been aggressive towards me.
John Deike May 23, 2012 at 12:56 PM
Thanks for the comment, Ryan.
Rick Bonath May 23, 2012 at 01:34 PM
Pit Bulls are one of those breeds that pick their fights. Not all of these dogs pick their fights. Some are naturally vicious enough to attempt to fight anything anywhere at any time. I have seen what this breed is capable of doing. I saw the little boy that stayed at his grandmother's house who had a Pit Bull. The pet Pit Bull drug her grandson under a deck and peeled his face off his head! Or the Chow owner that let his dog run freely at a baseball practice to rip into a three year olds face. Or the owner of two Pit Bulls that attacked the owner who raised them as pups only for these two dogs to kill her by ripping her to shreds. These are just three incidents that impacted my life to see. The first and third incidents were horrible sights and the second was my son that was attacked. Unless Kasich included all vicious breeds are put on Valium, the possiblility for attacks from a vicious breed remains a real threat. Why don't drug dealers or others own Poodles or Collies, maybe even a Beagle or two to protect their interests? Yeah, I don't think so. There's a reason these vicious breeds have a label on them. They earned it throughout time and documentation. Historically the breeds were not put on this list erroneously. Mallings, killings, mutilations were key indicators that the dogs might not be 110% trust worthy. John Kasich, you got this one seriously wrong but you must know this.
ES May 23, 2012 at 03:57 PM
Another great idea from a government official. So im assuming they wont have to insure them anymore? So when their animal attacks, you will be stuck paying the bill unless you sue.
Shearaha May 23, 2012 at 07:26 PM
Criminals and Dealers don't have collies and poodles because you can't make them LOOK intimidating. It's happened before. First the thugs used German Shepherds and Doberman, after those breeds began being persecuted they moved on to Rottweilers, and then again to "Pit Bulls" It's a circle that starts with the humans and has to end with the humans. Stopping kids from growing up into thugs and eliminating "gang culture" will go a lot father in stopping dog attacks then banning and killing good family dogs. At the same time that GSDs and Dobbies were being vilified the Pit was Americas family dog. My bet is the next dog on the "inherently aggressive" list is Labs due to the over breeding of dogs with poor temperaments. Then again just reading the standards it's hard to tell which is the Lab and which is the Pit...
Katie Hilton July 18, 2012 at 03:08 AM
@ ES: If you should have to insure one variety of dog, why not make it necessary to insure Every variety of dog. You'd be in the same place if a poodle ripped you up or a Chihuahua tore up your leg. I've had a red nose pit bull puppy for months now. He's the smartest little guy and my 2 yr old daughter loves him. They roll around on the floor and lay all over each other. We've had him since he was tiny enough to sit on her lap and now he's the same size as her. I've always been wary about bully breeds but after owning this little guy I can honestly say he's is one of the sweetest animals I have ever owned and I've owned A LOT of them over the years. Mostly cats. I'm moving to Ohio - actually to Cuyahoga Falls - and I hadn't even thought of there being any restrictions against his breed there, even though I knew there were in some states/counties elsewhere. I found out by just trying to see if I needed to license our little guy because you don't have to where I live in Ga. Pit Bulls aren't inherently aggressive. They ARE however extremely smart and if treated with love and patients through their puppy stages, can grow up to be wonderful dogs that are as kind hearted as any Golden Retriever.
Dani January 29, 2013 at 11:27 AM
In ten years as a social worker going into many different people's homes throughout Summit County, the only dogs who ever were aggressive towards me were Chihuahuas. I actually did get bitten in the ankle a few times by these tiny critters. Go figure. One family had a pit that would sit in my lap for my entire visit and try the whole time to kiss my face. Okay, so my evidence is anecdotal at best, but I totally grew to love Pits after encountering quite a few in my line of work who were just big babies and gentle giants.


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