Notorious Meth House Demolished in Cuyahoga Falls

The home of convicted methamphetamine cook Clayton Allshouse was torn down given the long history of criminal activity at the residence. Most-read 2012.

Editor's note: This week, we'll be featuring some of our most-read posts of the year. Here's an article about an infamous meth cook who made headlines after his house was raided by police several times. 

Now you see it, now you don't.

3782 Northampton Rd. met the wrecking ball in late November, and for good reason.

The home belonged to Clayton Allshouse, a convicted methamphetamine cook who was recently sentenced to prison. 

Due to persistent drug activity, the residence was raided three times in 2012 

According to Cuyahoga Falls Engineer Tony Demasi, it's the first of many blighted properties that will be torn down over the next several months.

Meth house in the news

Allshouse, 63, appeared in Summit County Common Pleas Court on Sept. 21 and was sentenced to five years in jail for the illegal manufacture of methamphetamine, according to Summit County court officials. 

He was arrested on May 4 after police stormed into the residence, and found it was being used to cook the highly addictive drug, according to a police press release.

The Cuyahoga Falls Police Narcotics Unit and the Summit County Drug Unit collaborated on the drug bust.

The residence was raided on two other occasions this summer.

On Aug. 16, officers found Nathan Ketterman, 31, and Kevin Smith, 41, in the home, arrested the pair and charged each with manufacturing of methamphetamine, illegal assembly, possession of drugs and possession of criminal tools.

U.S. Marshals entered the home on Sept. 10, after the law enforcement agency discovered Brenda Allshouse, 34, was hiding out in the Northampton residence with her father.

In this instance, Clayton Allshouse was charged with obstruction of justice and permitting drug abuse, according to a Stow Municipal Court clerk. 

Brenda Allshouse was charged with illegal assembly, possession of criminal tools, drug paraphernalia, trafficking in drugs and possession of drugs.

She will be tried on those charges along with several other prior felonies and misdemeanors through the Summit County Court of Common Pleas.  

Hannah December 04, 2012 at 03:14 AM
There is an abandoned meth house on 11th st near oak park that is such an eyesore. It's been empty for more than 2 years, and still hasn't been taken care of. It would be great if they could just knock it down so the neighborhood doesn't look trashy!
wmfr December 26, 2012 at 03:30 PM
Good move. In all likely-hood when a home has these type of issues it's very rare that it's ever going to be maintained and the best course of action is to remove the problem all together.


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