Foundation Officials Unsure If They'll Ask School District to Help Fund Tiger Trail

They had once hoped the Cuyahoga Falls School Board would approve a $30,000 loan for the Clifford Stadium improvements, but now they're not so sure they'll ask for that loan

Cuyahoga Falls School Foundation officials had planned on asking the district to hand out a $30,000 loan for the Tiger Trail at Clifford Stadium.

But, now they're unsure if they'll go through with it.

Foundation Executive Director Tom Jones said Thursday that 

"There has been talk — and it's not for sure — that we would withdraw our request and say we'll do it ourselves," Jones said.

The loan would have funded Phase 1 of the multiple-phase project, which involves a trail of engraved bricks, which would be known as the "Tiger Trail." Construction would begin in summer 2013, according to the foundation's website.

The brick sales help fund the project, and so far, the foundation has raised $40,000 of the $150,000 project. Phase 1 would cost around $70,000.

"The trustees are thinking that if the whole thing is done in three or four phases, if we could get that Phase 1 up, we think we could get more interest in purchasing the great bricks," Jones said. "And that would help us in generating the money."

The trustees don't all agree on whether the foundation should ask for the loan, which would be up to board approval at this coming Monday's meeting, Jones said.

"If we're turned down for the loan, that would mean they're turning down whole project," he added.

Cuyahoga Falls Patch readers have shared their opinions on the site as well as Facebook. Here is what we've been hearing:

  • Terry: " ... this project should be reconsidered. During high school football season, I travel around to Portage, Summit and Stark Counties to watch various teams. Needless to say the stadiums and entrances vary in design but it's never those COMPLEXES I go to see."
  • Regina: "I think it is ridiculous that a school board would even consider this, especially when they are about to ask taxpayers for more money. I'll have a hard time voting in favor of a levy if I know this is granted. What if they never pay back the loan????"
  • Adam C. Miller: "The foundation should either downsize the project or wait until they have the needed funds. Asking the school board? I don't think so!"
  • Miranda Terry: "I 100% agree that this project should be held off on. I hope money isn't spent on this at the current location of the High School Football Stadium because I hope we no longer use this stadium... SOON! Don't waste money if there is a chance we will be getting a new School / Stadium."

You can see a "virtual Tiger Trail" on the foundation's website.


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