Mayoral Candidate Shares Plan for Cuyahoga Falls' Future

Cuyahoga Falls mayoral nominee Don Walters answers three questions that lay out his 2013 campaign.

Don Walters
Don Walters
Editor's note: Democratic candidate Don Walters is running head-to-head against Republican incumbent Don Robart for the Cuyahoga Falls mayoral seat. In this letter to the editor, Walters offers answers to some of the most-asked questions from voters. 

Why are you running for Mayor?

It’s time to turn our good city into a great city! I have the skills and vision to take us there and beyond with fresh new leadership, innovative ideas, and a vibrant pro-active approach to the future. Having recently conducted neighborhood meetings throughout Cuyahoga Falls, I was alarmed at the residents’ frustration about the direction we are heading and I realize it is time for me to act. Complacency is not an option.

What makes you qualified to serve as Mayor?

I have the unique combination of private sector management experience coupled with 12 years public experience on City Council. My service on City Council puts me in daily contact with the residents, which allows me to monitor the important issues that affect their quality of life. A Ward Councilperson truly has their finger on the pulse of our city and must be a constant problem solver. On City Council, I have bravely stood up for property owner’s rights amongst strong opposition and stopped eminent domain in its tracks. This year, for the third time, City Council unanimously voted for me to be their leader as City Council President, a responsibility I am honored to have bestowed on me. As a lifetime resident, I have a deep passion for Cuyahoga Falls.

What will you do differently as Mayor?

• Reinstitute Senior Snow Removal
• Neighborhood Excellence Initiative Program
• “Junior City Council” Giving Our Youth a Voice
• “CF 911” Residential Alarm Monitoring; Yard Sign/Window Decals*
• “Cuyahoga Falls Crime Fighters” Cash Reward Tip Hotline
• “Healthy Employee Wellness” Healthcare Savings Program*
• Open Front Street Mall to Traffic (During Non-Events) 
• Internship Program
• “Shop Locally” Incentive Dollars*
• Annual Citywide Public Opinion Survey
• Expand Street Paving Budget
• New Homeowner City Incentive Packet (Owner Occupied Only)
• Permanently Eliminate Mayors City Provided Car*

*Denotes a revenue producing and/or cost saving program
wmfr June 23, 2013 at 10:58 PM
Who cares what party Walters is from! So many of the posters on here are old bitter, angry, grubby, bible thumping, stuck in the past republicans that are always rubbing their beliefs in everyone's face. Makes me sick..... Robart is okay as a mayor - There's many things I like about him and a few things that are very questionable. You would have to be a very ignorant not to consider and hear out a new candidate but of course some people already have their ear muffs on because of party lines. I glad this ignorance on the boards are the minority in the falls, I am pretty certain MOST of the people here have better decision making and common sense.
Scott Gatrell June 24, 2013 at 03:24 PM
Who's not hearing Mr Walters out? I would like to hear more detail. Since this is an election, I'm sure Mr Walters will be providing more details regarding his candidacy in the near future. I look forward to hearing what he has to say. In particular, I would like to know what Mr Walters would do to get our local roads back into atleast adequate condition. This item is of particular interest to me because I travel Graham Rd twice a day every day. As of now it should be renamed Graham Minefield, or perhaps Grahm Cow Pathway, or possibly Graham Crater........Please fix our roads City of CF!


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