Despite a Few Nasty Storms, City's Salt Supply Is Looking Good

The city of Cuyahoga Falls has used techniques to cut down on its salt usage

Despite a few significant snow storms this year, Cuyahoga Falls' salt supply is looking good.

City Service Director Valerie Wax Carr said the city starts each year off with 10,000 tons of salt. And right now, the city's at 8,500 tons.

"We are in excellent shape," Wax Carr said. "Our barns are almost at full capacity. We have no issues and we’ll be fine through the rest of the season."

What helps the city use less salt is a product called EPOKE, the "latest in salt and brine spreading technology, efficiency, and cost effectiveness," according to the Ohio Department of Transportation. The product maximizes the use of salt and brine, both of which are used in the city.

Because of EPOKE, the city is able to use half as much salt, Wax Carr said.

Something you may not have known about the city's salt usage? Cuyahoga Falls has a fleet of 16 salt trucks, making it the largest fleet in Ohio.

The city buys its salt not through ODOT, like some Northeast Ohio communities, but through the Community University Education buying group so that the city isn't committed to purchasing a certain amount each year.

Heading into the end of winter, Wax Carr says it appears Cuyahoga Falls is in the clear, but you can never be too sure.

"It'll start weening now," she said. "We could have one more big storm, but we think we’re about at the end.”


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