Bicentennial Time Capsule: Don Robart Addresses Mayor of 2062

The Cuyahoga Falls Bicentennial time capsule is now buried at the Cuyahoga Falls and Silver Lake Police Memorial. When it's opened in 50 years, the city's future leaders will find a variety of items, including this letter from Mayor Don Robart.

Dear Future Mayor of ,

With the celebration of our city’s 200th anniversary underway, I reflect upon the time of our 175th anniversary, a mere 25 years ago. My, have we grown!

In 1986, we successfully merged all of our services with Northampton Township, now Ward 8. Residents of both communities had a vision for a greater tomorrow and from that day on, this merger has allowed our City to grow by expanding our housing stock and providing additional industrial space for our businesses to grow and relocate. We were the first two communities to merge, thus making Ohio history.

In the last 25 years, our city has experienced over a billion dollars of new development! From our top-ranked Water Works Aquatic Center, Brookledge Golf Course, our state-of-the-art Natatorium, Highbridge Glens Park, Falls River Square and the residential construction of 38 neighborhoods.

More so in the past 25 years, we have dramatically improved and increased city services by providing our residents with the lowest utility rates in Summit County. In addition, we have received national recognition for being the first to initiate a recycling program, creating an effective storm water solution program and establishing the first rain garden in the center of town.

I think one of the biggest challenges facing Cuyahoga Falls over the next 50 years is to maintain our housing stock. The homes that were built after WWII will then be over 110 years old and even the homes built after the merger in 1986 will be over 75 years old.

In the next 50 years one of the things that Cuyahoga Falls and many other cities with a population of over 50,000 will have to overcome is to continue to pay for all of the services that residents and business owners have come to expect without significantly raising taxes. Of course, the role of unions going forward, will significantly affect that ability.

Looking forward, my hope for the next 50 years is that Cuyahoga Falls maintains its business and jobs climate. We currently now have a favorable balance between larger employers and smaller businesses. That balance is very crucial for a city to continue to thrive.

As Mayor, I continue to have a pro-business and pro-development approach to which has consistently furthered the growth of our city. I am hopeful that Cuyahoga Falls residents in 2062 will view our City with pride. Pride in our superior level of services, pride in being on the leading edge of technology and pride in our high standard of development. This is a lot to ask, however, I am confident that the City's leadership over the next 50 years will be up to the task.

I am genuinely honored and privileged to be the mayor of Cuyahoga Falls, and am most proud to call Cuyahoga Falls HOME. I hope that you will carry on that same feeling.

Best wishes to you and your administration in all your future endeavors! May God bless you and the residents of Cuyahoga Falls.

Yours truly,

Don L. Robart Mayor 


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