WATCH: Stray Firework Explodes Amid Spectators

A firework was inadvertently shot sideways onto Broad Boulevard and exploded right in front of a group of spectators. No injuries were reported.

Cuyahoga Falls spectators received quite a scare on Friday night when a stray firework darted sideways and blew up on Broad Boulevard. 

Another firework also misfired and exploded on Front Street, according to Lt. Steve Lyons of the

In both cases, there were no injuries or damage.

The "Spectacular Fireworks Show" as it was dubbed, was set up in three different locations to create the pyrotechnic experience. 

The main launch point was situated at Broad Boulevard and Riverfront Parkway with fireworks and flames also being shot from the red parking deck and amphitheater roofs at .

The following remarks were posted by readers on the Cuyahoga Falls Patch Facebook page regarding the misfires:

Scott Santos -- "A canister shot into the crowd sitting on the street next to me, I dont believe anyone was injured, just a very scary situation...a miracle no one was hurt...that I know of."

Adam C. Miller -- "Yes, one blew up in the crowd about 50 feet in front of me. There didn't appear to be any injuries, but a lot of stuff was falling on us."

Karoline Mettke Bolin -- "Lots of debris falling where we were at."

Jaime Prenatt -- "We sat at the other end near to specifically avoid this from happening to us."


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