Police: Crime Spree Ends for Cuyahoga Falls Duo

Cuyahoga Falls police believe they've found the pair responsible for numerous car break-ins over the last several months.

They got 'em. 

After a lengthy investigation by the Cuyahoga Falls Police Detectives Bureau, Robert J. Ponte and Diana M. Mikoletic were charged with felony and misdemeanor counts in connection with a rash of car thefts that were reported throughout the city over the last several months.

According to a Feb. 5 police press release, the pair allegedly stole two handguns, two rifles, a large amount of ammunition, cash, jewelry, credit cards, laptops and GPS devices.

Falls Police Sgt. James Singleton said officers recovered some of the property, including the rifles; but added the handguns had not yet been found. 

Ponte, 26, of Cuyahoga Falls, was charged with grand theft, a third-degree felony; theft, a fifth-degree felony; receiving stolen property, a fifth-degree felony; falsification, a first-degree misdemeanor; and seven additional counts of theft, all first-degree misdemeanors. 

Mikoletic, 28, of Cuyahoga Falls, was charged with receiving stolen property, a fifth-degree felony; falsification, a first-degree misdemeanor; and misuse of credit cards, a first-degree misdemeanor. 

"Ponte is currently committed to the Lorain Correctional Facility on previous offenses and arrangements are being made to return him to Summit County to appear on the new charges," said Singleton in a prepared statement.

Mikoletic is free on bond following an arraignment at Stow Municipal Court. 

Missy Cox February 08, 2013 at 05:19 PM
They look like real winners
melissa carte February 08, 2013 at 07:02 PM
My heart is so heavy to read such hatred toward any man. There is a rash of evil honing in on all of us. It is time to wake up and face that reality. These young people are someone's kids. Maybe even someone's parent, sibling, neice, nephew.... bottom line, valuable. It is so great that they were caught. NOW, are we able to save them from the demons that have them by the throat??? Once an addict is established, we need to mandate treatment. If not, they will most likely die. This hard core stuff on the streets is straight from the pit of Hell!! It will take light and love to stop it. All of our efforts must be out of wanting the best for one another. Stop the Hate!!! Please
john February 11, 2013 at 10:18 PM
get a rope, any tree will do or telephone pole
jane doe March 09, 2013 at 03:58 PM
These two were my neighbors until I moved december26. They also stole a mercury mountainer in November and had it till January when they parked it by lady Jane's and it finally got towed. I only know this because Diana told me and her boyfriend rob stole it from the owner house in the falls.they were always trying to sell stuff to support there heroin habbit. But who I really feel sorry for is robs dad they scam him. iout of so much money and he has no clue I have even been there while they where making him fake receipts for things like doctors bills and things I hope the cops get them for the stolen car two.she also stole and forge checks that were her. Grandmothers were she is currently staying look out Munro. Falls
Anonymous March 16, 2013 at 03:56 AM
You are very brave to come forward about these people. Have you considered contacting the police? It would be very helpful for them to have the valuable information that you can provide to make sure that those responsible for the theft of the vehicle and other items are punished for their actions.


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