Police Blotter: Felony Drug Arrest, Smash-and-Grab Thieves and Grave Vandals

The following information was supplied by the Cuyahoga Falls Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

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A woman, who had just been caught for stealing on Howe Avenue, managed to rack up a few more charges before police slapped the cuffs on her. When officers searched her, they found methamphetamine, a drug pipe and prescription amphetamines that she, well, didn’t have a prescription for. She was charged with felony drug possession and was sent to Summit County Jail on Saturday night.

Bad karma

A Cuyahoga Falls groundskeeper called police on Monday morning after finding three large pillar-shaped grave markers knocked over at Oakwood Cemetery.

Smash, but no grab

A 23rd Street resident called police on Sunday afternoon when he found a large rock sitting in his car seat. Someone had thrown it through his driver’s side window the night before, but fortunately, they didn’t steal anything. 

Piggy bank burglary

Someone broke into a woman’s house and stole some loose change on Saturday night. The thief made off with a paltry $25, but managed to cause over $500 in damage when breaking into the 18th Street residence.

Purse snatcher

Two women finished a workout at the on Friday night, only to find the window of their car smashed out in the parking lot. Each of their purses was stolen. One woman lost seven credit cards, a driver’s license, a social security card, wallet and cell phone. The second woman lost five credit cards, her license, keys and an iPod. The items were valued at over $2,000.


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