Police Blotter: Death Threat; Identity Fraud; and Breaking up Is Hard to Do

The following was culled from Cuyahoga Falls poiice reports dated May 22-23. It does not indicate a conviction.

When a stranger started yelling at a man’s 17-year-old son on the 3000 block of Bailey Road, the father intervened. The belligerent man reportedly told the boy’s father that he was going to “beat him up and kill him,” according to a report. The threatened man wishes to prosecute for the menacing behavior.

Disagreeable nanny

A man called police at 8:30 a.m. Monday after a nanny refused to bring his young children to their Beacon Hill Circle apartment. The nanny returned the 4- and 1-year-old an hour later. The father has opted not to press charges.

Steak bandit

reported Tuesday that on two separate occasions, a man walked into the super retailer and stuffed several steaks into his clothing. The choice cuts were valued at $375 and reps from the store wish to prosecute.

Identity Fraud

A 3rd Street resident realized on Tuesday afternoon that someone had fraudulently opened a JCPenndy credit card under her name and had been using it for the past year and a half. Her credit report showed the thief also tried to open three other accounts under her name but was unsuccessful.

Breaking up is hard to do

Following a fight with his ex-girlfriend, a Tallmadge Road resident called police on Tuesday night. According to the police report, the man tried to break up with the woman and she struck him in the nose, causing minor injuries. The man was referred to the Prosecutor’s Office.


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