Milford Resident Arrested For Being Illegal Immigrant

Weekly police logs provided by New Hampshire State Police.

Date Arrested Name Where Arrested Charge Arresting Trooper

1/28/13 – 2300

Rubisel Morales, 27, Milford


Illegal Immigrant

Trp. Johnston

1/30/13 – 1832

Bryan Ricci, 23, Raymond


Possession of a Controlled Drug

Trp. Cedrone

1/30/13 – 0050

Amy Santos, 31, Milford



Trp. Glisson

1/31/13 – 1515

Christopher Bischoff, 30, Tyngsboro, MA


EBW – Driving after revocation

Trp. Richards

2/1/13 – 0115

James Gibson, 22,  Nashua


DWI/OAS/ Resisting Arrest

Trp. Taylor

2/1/13 – 0109

Shawn Decoteau, 25, Merrimack



Trp. Wood

2/2/13 – 1023

Patrick McStravock, 18, Windham


Speed/Poss of Drugs

Trp. Akstin

2/2/13 – 1735

Eric MacMillan, 39, Charlestown MA



Trp. Lavoie

2/3/13 – 0145

Lagene Richardson, 31, Newport


Op after

Trp. Dore

2/3/13 – 2230

Miriah Roux, 29, Manchester


Driving after Susp./EBW

Trp. Dore

2/3/13 – 0230

Bryan Robida, 41, Nashua


DWI/Poss of Drugs

Trp. Taylor

Keith F Thompson February 05, 2013 at 06:45 PM
5 DWI's. 3 Drug possession's. 4 driving after suspension/revocation. I have a few questions- To the Patch- Why is the alledged undocumented immigrant the headline, while there is no proof this person was a greater threat to our community than not having his papers? To the State Police- Why was this person stopped/apprehended? What State or local law were you enforcing? What other federal laws do you enforce? Have you arrested the undocumented person's landlord and employer for failing to comply with Federal laws? Are you checking that banks are adhering to new consumer protection laws? Are checking large and small manufacturing companies for complance with federal pollution laws?
Robert Michaelson February 05, 2013 at 06:49 PM
Hi Keith. I try and find a local connection in news and other sources, and this log referred to a Milford resident. Thanks, Rob
Keith F Thompson February 06, 2013 at 07:36 PM
Rob- I would point out that, in your own story, there is a Milford resident who was also arrested for DWI. I'm not assigning a malicious intent, just an observation about sensationalism and how we assgn values and importance to different members of our society. I'm hoping people could honestly ask and answer questions about who are the real threats in our society, and who negatively impacts us the most. While we are focusing our time and resources on one alleged undocumented immigrant, who are we giving a free pass? If State Police are now enforcing Federal Law, I'd rather they arrest bankers that are defrauding thousands of NH residents, or polluters that threaten our quality of life, or at least focus on treating everyone who makes it possible for undocumented workers to be here, icnluding the employers and landlords that exploit them.


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