Man Bounces $35,000 Check; BB Gun Shooter; and Deadbeat Tenants: Falls Police Blotter

The following was culled from Cuyahoga Falls Police reports dated Sept. 12-13. It does not indicate a conviction.

Deadbeat tenants

A landlord called on Sept. 12 after two of his tenants stole a washing machine and dryer from one of his properties. He's considering whether or not to press charges. Total loss: $1,000.

BB gunner

On Sept. 13, a Falls woman reported someone had shot out the back window of her car with a BB gun. The car was parked along the 2000 block of Stone Street. There are no leads. Estimated damage: $100.

Passing (really) bad checks

The general manager of called police on Sept. 13 after a customer bounced a $35,000 check that was used to purchase a 2012 Dodge pickup truck. As it turns out, police crossed paths with the man on an unrelated call and quickly discovered the truck was fraudulently obtained. The vehicle was immediately repossessed and returned to the car lot.


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