Investigators Unable to Determine Cause of Studio City Fire, However...

After a thorough inspection of the burned first-story apartment, fire officials have a good idea regarding how the fire was started.

Fire investigators couldn't say for sure what caused the fire last Wednesday at the Studio City Apartments, but signs point to a lit cigarette or cigar.

"It was a pretty devastating fire so there's just not enough evidence to make a definitive call, but we couldn't rule out discarded smoking materials," said Cuyahoga Falls Fire Marshall, Mike Dunton.

Dunton said the fire most likely originated at the foot of or within the furniture of the first-floor apartment off Winter Parkway.

About 75 residents evacuated the complex after smoke filled the hallways from the flames that consumed the apartment on the morning of March 14.

No one was injured and Fire chief Paul Moledor said the damage to the building is estimated at $100,000. 


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