Falls Police Blotter: Negligent Father; Woman Threatens to Kill Man, Daughter

The following information was culled from Cuyahoga Falls Police reported dated Aug. 17 and 18. It does not indicate a conviction.

At 6:55 a.m. Friday morning, an officer spotted a driver stopped at the intersection of Grant Avenue and Olive Place who directed his attention toward a small child running along the street. The young boy was wearing only a t-shirt and diaper, and it appeared he was chasing a dog around the neighborhood. When questioned, the three-year-old would not give his name, but the dog was seen running into a residence on 8th Street. The officer walked to the house, knocked on the door and woke up the boy’s father who said he wasn’t aware his son had left the house. The man was advised that children’s services would be contacted to investigate the matter further.


On Saturday, a resident called and reported a woman he knew had threatened to kill him and his daughter. The man did not wish to press charges, but asked the report be kept on file in the event of subsequent threats. 


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