Cleveland RTA Bus Driver Uppercuts Female Passenger: Twitterverse Responds

We rounded up Tweets responding to the video of a Cleveland RTA driver uppercutting a female passenger.

The video went viral and the Twitterverse has responded.

Some are serious, some are funny. Many Tweets glorify the blow the Cleveland RTA bus driver gave the woman in a viral video.

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In Cleveland, the hashtag #uppercut, the phrase Mortal Combat — comprised of Tweets comparing the punch to the popular 1980s tabletop game — and the acronym RTA is trending, and at least two acounts have been created to Tweet about the uppercut a local RTA driver gave a woman on a bus in Beachwood.

Check out the Tweets in the gallery above, and let us know what you think of the response in the comments.

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WATCH | Cleveland RTA Bus Driver Hits Female Passenger: Video Taken in Beachwood

VOTE | Do you think the driver deserves more punishment?



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