$6,000 Theft; Dangerous Prank; Best Buy Thief; and Lost Drunkard

The following was culled from Cuyahoga Falls Police reports dated Sept. 10-11. It does not indicate a conviction.

Thief discovered

A Falls man called on Sept. 10 when he noticed someone had swiped a Discover card from his wallet. Police now have a suspect after the thief used the card to make a $600 purchase at the Howe Avenue B. The victim does wish to prosecute.

Costly theft

On Sept. 10, a man reported a thief snuck onto the bed of his truck and removed $6,000 in power tools. The pickup was parked along the 400 block of Howe Avenue. There are no leads or suspects.

Dangerous prank

While a resident’s Jeep Cherokee was parked along 3200 Wilson Street on Sept. 11, someone approached it and loosened the lug nuts on each front tire. There is a suspect and the car owner does wish to prosecute.

Money and drugs

A woman called police on Sept. 11 after someone she new stole $3,000 from her checking account and nabbed prescription medications from her 18th Street home. The woman told police she didn’t want to press charges.

Lost drunkard

A drunkard was issued a disorderly conduct citation after police found him sitting on a front porch on Chestnut Boulevard. The man was neither aware of who lived there nor did he know where he was, even though his house was eight blocks away. The 51-year-old man was dropped off at his parents house and was ordered to appear in the  

THOMAS KANE September 15, 2012 at 05:23 PM
EVERY CASE HAS ITS OWN ISSUES.But unfortunately Its been my expierence that human nature being what it is , is left alone without someone or something deterring the bad behavior it generally will be repeated and sometimes with worse results .MOST OF THESE CRIMES IM SURE HAVE OR WILL BE REPEATED.


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