Mayoral Election

I find it amazing that the current mayor is telling people he's "Our Mayor", yet his campaign colors are those of the Stow Bulldogs. I guess career politicians can get away with anything.
CFalls4Life November 06, 2013 at 07:36 AM
Thank you to all the voters yesterday. We the people removed the single most important item holding Cuyahoga Falls back from future growth. It's good to have someone in there fresh like Walters. You can't continue to let political figures stay in their comfort zone. Congratulations once again to the Walters and especially the voters.
Jimm Motyka November 06, 2013 at 07:49 AM
I am a Constitution-first voter, who has criticized all of (soon-to-be-former) Mayor Robart's policies. Ruling by eminent domain (which is what tyrants do) was what finally was the final straw for me, better than four years ago. When he ran unopposed in the last election, I went in to vote, but I voiced a non-vote for Robart by handing the ballot to the poll worker. He said that I didn't vote. He didn't get it. I did not relinquish my right to vote, since I did get a ballot. I voted in protest to what I knew was coming to CF. So, I did vote and said none of the above was my choice. My ballot was still counted in the tally, but it showed I didn't agree with one choice. I told people that a ham sandwich could have run against Robart in the preceding election and won. I would tell the incoming mayor not to take his position and power for granted. We gave it to him and we have the power to take it back. And in that, I wish the new mayor the very best. As for Robart, this is a sign to the Republican Party that they need to start putting out true conservatives and stop peddling all the neocon (McCain, Romney, Bush, Robart) nonsense to the electorate. If it looks and smells like a skunk, no one will ever be able to convince me it's a cat. Mayor Robart's policies were that of a skunk.
Greg Roush November 07, 2013 at 10:53 PM
To CFalls4life : First have the courage to use your name. Second, Do research on the impact that Mayor Robart and his administration have had on our City. Once you are done educating yourself I think you may want to rescind your previous comment. Third, It better be Robart that does the Ribbon Cutting on Portage Crossing. He and his administration had the vision and "their" talent is what made the project possible. Portage Crossing? How about a final thanks to Mayor Robart by renaming it Robart"s Crossing!
Earl Elevant November 08, 2013 at 04:28 PM
To Greg Roush: I haven't seen your photo ID, so we have no idea if you're really Greg Roush or someone just pretending to be him. Unless you're going to upload your driver's license photo, you're a pseudonym as well. Anyway, "Greg," there are other Robart supporters who claim that Walters, as Council President, supported absolutely everything Robart did and therefore is to blame for Portage Crossing. I guess if he can be to blame, he can also receive all the credit. Nice try on the hypocrisy. Robart has driven this city into the ground. That's his contribution. And, if it ever gets completed, Robart will probably be off somewhere else and away from the mess he created--just like Ken Barnhart fled to North Carolina. Finally, we'll name the State Road mess "Robart's Crossing" when it's finally paid off. With everything Robart gave away to private industry, that should be about 2050. He can cut the ribbon for that.
Greg Roush November 11, 2013 at 01:10 PM
That's my point "Earl" !! No one is "To blame". I will take the risk in assuming you and your buddies are union friendly. The majority of my family made their living while under a union umbrella. The Unions treated them fairly and we all had great health care insurance. The problem is........That was two decades ago. How are our labor unions, Teachers unions, nursing union"s etc doing now? Mind you on average 78 percent of Americans are PRIVATE SECTOR WORKERS. Anyway fellas, my point about Portage Crossing was that it was The Brain Child of Mayor Robert and his Administration. That's all. You are correct though when you said the majority of council as well as Walters agreed with their VISION.There are leaders and there are followers. The City Council, Including Walters did the correct thing for the City and "followed" Robart and his Administrations Leadership.
Jimm Motyka November 11, 2013 at 01:14 PM
Being what would be defined as having the true spirit of the Tea Party, it was Robart's abuse of eminent domain that turned me against all of his policies. Then, when it seemed like there was a race to get his name on everything that the city did or promoted, I realized that he became the person he originally was running against, when he first became mayor. How quickly people forget that the Falls Theater was also purchased with eminent domain dollars and really, where is the outrage that nothing ever got done. The only thing it is doing currently is being a placeholder for more Robart propaganda. That theater, with the lack of follow through or vision, is really the poster to the legacy of this administration. And as I mentioned, Mayor Robart became the person that he would've run against, 28 years ago. The true kiss of death that showed that Mayor Robart was just another RINO was the liberal paper, known as the Akron Beacon Journal, endorsing him. Sadly, he stayed two terms, too long.


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