Expectant Excitement

Local women share the joys of their first pregnancies.

Expecting your first child is an incredible experience. Motherhood will forever change a woman’s life, in amazing and unimaginable ways.

Dr. Kelly Gallagher, Clinic Director of Advanced Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Cuyahoga Falls, is pregnant with her first child. Gallagher exudes the sweet glow of an expectant mother. She just reached the eighth month mark, so her due date is fast approaching. Gallagher said of her pregnancy, “I have enjoyed the anticipation of our first child and the excitement my husband Mike and I share about starting our family. Shopping and decorating have also been fun.”

The Gallaghers are having a boy. They haven’t chosen his name, but plan to choose from their three favorite after they meet their son.

Though Gallagher has been told horror stories about labor, she isn’t letting it frighten her. “I have heard many stories, but I still think my delivery will go fine. Labor is inevitable, so I try to stay positive.”

Gallagher continued, “I am most excited about meeting our baby, holding him, seeing his precious face and kissing him. I love him already. I can’t wait to see how his personality emerges and hear him coo and laugh for the first time.”

Julianna Starr is also expecting her first child and is three months along in her pregnancy. So far, she most enjoys all the questions people ask her. Starr explained, “Talking about being pregnant and the prospect of new life forming really creates joy for people. It makes me happy to make others happy.”

Like Gallagher, Starr has heard many scary pregnancy stories. Starr said, “I have to keep in mind on a daily basis that all pregnancies are different, and that not all of what I’m told will happen to me. The questions, I welcome; the horror stories, I do not. Although, I know they mean no harm. People just can't help themselves.”

Starr, and her husband, Paul, plan to find out the sex of their baby in mid-August. When I asked about the baby’s name, Starr responded, “Oh, the name game! I have six months to go and already I’m at my wits’ end.” They are looking for a name that is strong, kind and different – but not too different. Starr is most excited about the purpose her child will bring to her life.

Best wishes to the Gallagher and Starr families! 


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