Animal Communication Part 3: Liz Madsen

Reiki led Certified Natural Health Practitioner Liz Madsen to the world of animal communication.

When it comes to natural healing, chakra balance, Reiki and even the paranormal, animal communicator Liz Madsen is really tuned in. In 2006, Liz started getting involved with Reiki, an ancient Eastern technique for stress reduction and the promotion of healing.

Now a Reiki Master, she offers the homeless pets at the Berea Animal Rescue a wonderful gift: she telepathically communicates with them and tries to help them feel more comfortable while they sit cages, waiting for a home.

One method to help relieve them of stress is dabbing them with Bach Flower oils. These natural flower essences were developed way back in the 1930s as homeopathic remedies for energy balance and stress relief.

"I have three different formulas that I use for different issues that the animals have. They help with depression, anger, the fact that they are caged, have health issues and more."

In my experience, these remedies can help. My younger cat, Aura, displays symptoms of Feline Hyperesthesia from time to time. The syndrome is also known as rolling skin syndrome and causes high skin sensitivity. It is similar to the "kitten crazies," except that in extreme cases, cats have been known to chew their own tails off in trying to get rid of whatever creepy, crawly feeling is causing them discomfort.

I purchase Rescue Remedy Pet from and put a few drops on her ears or in her mouth when I see symptoms coming on. I can then usually see an immediate improvement and she calms down. There is also Rescue Remedy for people, but be sure to use the Pet remedy on pets, as it is alcohol-free. The pet version works for people, too. Sometimes, when I feel the need to relax, I take a few drops under the tongue.

I asked Liz what her most rewarding animal communication experience was. She told me a touching story of a girl who had to give her cat away because of problems or behavior problems in the home. The girl took the cat to the pound and wanted to know from Liz if the cat had been put to sleep or had found a new home. Liz connected with the cat, who told her she has in a new home with a nice woman and no other cats, and was very happy being an only cat. She said she didn't want her previous owner to feel bad, but that she just wasn't happy living with other cats. Liz's client was so happy, she cried.

I asked Liz to do a reading on my cat, Charlie. Everything she gave me in the reading was completely right on. First of all, Liz said when she connected with Charlie she immediately had a heavy feeling in her chest and felt that Charlie was coughing. Charlie has had asthma most of his life.

Liz felt that Charlie was very confident and sure of himself. That is right on; Charlie is the boss of the house. Liz asked Charlie how he felt about our relationship, and the answer also seemed right on. He said we had had ups and downs (yep), partly because of the other cats (true), and that he likes where we are now. He said he likes me and I'm nice to him, but he didn't profess a deep love for me, which would be just like him. Liz asked Charlie if he wanted anything and all he wants is treats, which is true. Charlie is on the chubby side, so I have to watch the treats.

Liz asked Charlie if he had a favorite toy, and she said she gets the impression that he doesn't play much (true, since he is 16 now), but she saw an image of a stick toy and a ball. The stick and string toy is the one we've had the longest, and there is a ball that only comes out once in a while. It holds...you guessed it...treats. Charlie really comes alive when that ball is out!

I asked Liz for info on where Charlie was before he came to me. I adopted him from a shelter in Chicago, and was told he was found on a street as a stray. He was about 11 months old and a wild, crazy boy. Charlie said he didn't like where he was before, and that he was with a couple who wasn't nice to him. That could explain his wild ways and how I basically had to train him with...you guessed it, treats again...how to be calm and tolerate being petted.

Liz offers animal communication readings as well as many other services, including spirit readings, ghost removal from homes, Reiki and chakra treatments, and light touch therapy. You can contact her via email, her website, or by phone at (440) 552-9915.


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