Opening my heart. Being a step mom to a child with special needs. Pt.3

My 3rd post. Hope you like it.

I took the day off yesterday because of personal reasons. 

Continuing from my last post.

D asked me to marry him on Christams and things were going great. Settling in our new house, and now planning a wedding. We both had done the big weddings before and didnt want to do that again. We wanted to save out money for the kids. We decided to make it really simple and get married at the justice of the peace at the court house in October 2009. It was beautiful. Just us, the kids, and close family and friends. It was perfect. After the ceremony my oldest step daughter cried and held me for the longest time. She was so happy that she had a mommy. We had a reception at a local resturant that D and I both loved and it was lovely. After we headed off to our honeymoon. We went to a local waterpark resort were we sipped drinks, laughed, had a blast and spent most of the time in the swim up jaccuzi. We were husband and wife with three beautiful girls and we were hoping for our prince to come along soon.

Two months later it was around Christmas and we had big news to share. Though it was nerve wrecking to share with family. We didn't know what some would think that we would have a baby while caring and loving a special needs child and our two other girls. All we knew is that we were thrilled to be pregnant and sharing the news. So there we were, all gathered in the kitchen on christmas eve and grandma telling me to eat some more, I went for seconds and I remeber her saying " Holy cow, what are you, pregnant or something?" I looked up at D and not knowing what to say because we were not planning on telling others this way. Everyone went quiet and D finally said "Yes, she is" My mouth about dropped to the floor. Silence......then I heard my father in law say "Really? Well good for you guys. I am so happy for you" Relief, yes! It was funny how it happened, but glad someone broke the ice. 

About a month later we found out that my sister in law was pregnant too. We were due on Aug 28th and they were due on Aug 29th 2010. A month after we found out that two us us were pregnant, we found out that my other sister in law was pregnant and she was due on Aug 27th 2010! All three of us were due within 3 days of eachother! You always wish that either your friend or relative is pregnant with you, let alone three of us in the same family. Now I'm not going to go through the swollen ankles, morning sickness, and being completely miserable during the summer details. I will spare you those. All I will tell you, is that all of us had beautiful babies, and we finally got our prince.

Jay was our bouncing beauty's most prized possesion. She would not let him out of his sight. She would kiss him and hugs him and want to play with him. She would Help ouy with feedings and follow him everywhere. Our other two beautiful babes would help too, only not with changing or throwing away diapers. Oh well, I guess I don't even like smelling those things. We were complete. We had our love, our kids, and eachother. 




I have decided that I am done writing about the past and that I will be focusing on the present. I would love to write about one topic, but I can't till information is released from a certain doctor. Hope you are all still following. I have not recieved any comments. I hope I am not boring you all.  

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Nicole Young March 08, 2013 at 07:41 PM
Thank you Francine. If you would like to Email me please let me know if you would like to talk.
Nicole Young March 08, 2013 at 07:42 PM
Thanks Amanda. Please keep reading and commenting. I love feed back from others. Have a wonderful day.
Nicole Young March 08, 2013 at 07:55 PM
Thank you Kristen, I will look into it. Are you also involved in the Dane Foundation? I would love some more info. Do they have a website?
Nicole Young March 08, 2013 at 07:58 PM
Awe, thank you Valerie! I appreciate that I am making friends and reaching out to people that would like to talk. I will keep writing if you all keep reading. I wish you a wonderful life to you and your family as well. Take care.
Nicole Young March 08, 2013 at 08:00 PM
Thank you Melissa. I am glad that you commented. I will keep writing. Please keep following.


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