New Schools Should be a Priority

A new levy for our school system but no new schools? Please, tell me why our kids don't deserve better?

I am just a mom that truly cares about our town.

I love all the family activities that are offered like that Father / Daughter dance, Flix on the Falls, Halloween Party and everything in between. These are all great for our children and show that our community cares to bring families together.

But lately, it feels like the kids in our schools aren't getting what they deserve. I constantly hear about the Portage Crossing Project and all the money going into it yet, I am sorry but I don't see any progress going on there. Then I read about a new building being built for the Golf Course in our city, OK, sure.

Now I am hearing that a levy is going to be presented to us residents to vote on which would equal up to revenue of over $11 million dollars in 5 years. Yet, this doesn't include any new schools? So basically our kids still won't get a new school in the next five years? Now, I could be reading what has been released wrong, but I don't see anything saying let's use this money to get our kids new schools. This money would get better technology, fix security issues and get more buses? Yet, even in the article, one of the members of the school board says, "... there are some windows in Cuyahoga Falls schools dating back to 1922 and some boilers from the 1950s..."


I have a son in 6th grade, next year we will be putting another son in kindergarten and two years after that start our last child in school. I can't even imagine all my children still having to go to the same schools their grandparents went to... and I am not exaggerating. The same schools with the same bathrooms that are so gross, run down and just a shame.

The same classrooms that don't give the teachers the right space, environment or equipment to teach our kids. The kids are cold in the winter, hot when they return to school at the end of summer. The list for every school goes on and on. My son plays on the 6th Grade Travel team for Tiger Basketball and we go to quite a few local school systems to play. We play at Ravenna, NEW SCHOOLS. Akron, NEW SCHOOLS. Barberton, NEW SCHOOLS. Wadsworth, Green, and so on. Our kids walk into these schools and are shocked.

Always asking the same thing, "Why can't we have a school like this?" I constantly hear people complaining that they don't want to spend the extra money on their taxes. Well here is something to think about. Green, the small little city down there by the Canton Akron Airport. In 1996 they opened their brand new High School.

That City has done nothing but grown every year since the new school was built. Houses began to be built, older houses were purchased and fixed up. New companines came in and built (Fed Ex, Target, Summa, Akron General and many more). They now have more new schools, a renovated football stadium, better roads and so on.

People wanted to live there because the schools were a priority and they saw it.

So, why can't our residents see that when a community has great schools, they have great futures? We need new schools that will have the technology in it, the better security and a better overall environment for our kids. How does anyone, even if a person doesn't have kids that live in the community, not want what is best for the future?

It's time!

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Mark February 22, 2013 at 05:02 PM
We do not need new schools. There is nothing wrong with current high school. We don't need to put new high school where Bolich is and we don't need 4 new elementary schools. I support levy for fixing current schools particularly in light of declining enrollment which is half of what it was when I graduated.
Earl Elevant February 23, 2013 at 08:35 AM
The levy hasn't passed and the fight for the money is already on... I didn't see a single thing in there about how a new building will make kids learn more, where the money would come from, or anything beyond the "want" of a new school. You can want in one hand and...oh, nevermind. It would be lost on you.
Adam C. Miller February 23, 2013 at 06:11 PM
Either way we look at it the system is not working. Education starts at home and sadly many parents today believe education begins and ends at the schools' doors... Could we benefit from new schools? Maybe. Are new schools our TOP priority? No.
Adam C. Miller February 23, 2013 at 06:13 PM
Excellent blog with very convincing arguments ;)
Miranda Terry February 24, 2013 at 04:23 AM
I understand that our schools aren't falling apart and that perhaps our students aren't performing to the best of their ability but I look at this as the future. Did you know that Barberton built new schools and they were able to condense them? So what if that is something we could do? Maybe instead of two middle schools, just one? And we have so many elementary schools, what about condensing those as well? I want my kids to have the very best education. I am a parent that gets involved and doesn't leave it up to the teachers or school system. Along with 4-5 other moms, I also volunteer my time to sit at Bolich to act as a 'host' to monitor doors as visitors enter. How many residents in the Falls understand that our schools need to be updated? But if these updates are just going to be expensive and not even solve issues such as heat, leaks, security then why not look into new schools? I will say this, if they want to 'update' then get into every single school, rip out the gross, grungy bathrooms and get those kids some clean facilities. Get the kids in these schools new desks that aren't falling apart because 45 - 50 years ago their grandparents sat in the same ones. The list goes on and on. When will it matter about the future kids?
Mark February 24, 2013 at 01:51 PM
We can not afford new schools. If you have been reading your Falls News you would know that even an 8 mill levy would not even pay half for new schools. Fixing the old ones will be fine with three mill levy. Furthermore why should I have to pay for new schools when I do not have kids.
Grumpy March 15, 2013 at 02:28 PM
We had new schools. What happened to Bode and Newberry?


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