How did a news organization work in the old days -- before the Internet?

How did a news organization work in the old days -- before the Internet?

In the past, a news organization repeated the following daily pattern:  

1. Reporters wrote the news stories 

2. Editors selected the news stories that readers might read.Editors might hold meetings with readers to collect ideas for new stories.

3. Editors edited the news stories before printing to a newspaper.

4. Editors layed out where the news stories should appear on the paper.

5. Printers ran the print machines to produce many copies.

6. Printers double checked the quality of the print for legibility.

7. Muscle men loaded the bundles of newspapers on to trucks. 

8. Truck drivers dropped the bundles ... off at specific sites -- on time.

9. Paper boys picked up the bundles of newspapers and delivered to the homes.

10. Distribution managers organized the paperboys to pick up the money -- on time.

11. Paperboys picked up the money and delivered to the distribution managers.

12. Paperboys kept their receipts for the money passing through their hands. 

13. Readers read the paper.

14. Readers ripped out pages of the paper. 

15. Readers shared some pages or stories with friends or kept pages for reference.

16. Distribution managers picked up surplus news papers.

17. Distribution managers counted the money.

18. Distrbution managers deposited the money for the the news organization.

19. Editors wondered how many pages were actually completely read.


Does the above adequately describe how a news organization worked in the past?

But, more importantly, how does a digital news organization work now?

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Lou Schott February 21, 2013 at 02:12 PM
To: All of the kind people who want to help us inform ourselves on how our community works and does not work, For purposes of defining where we are now in the development of the news media, let's call the above 19 action steps 'PHASE 1 within CYCLE 1.' In this PHASE 1, we have the end of the old and the beginning of the new occuring at the same time. What happens during the end of the old? People feel sad and confused. What happens during the beginning of the new? More ... on this ... Later.
Lou Schott February 23, 2013 at 09:33 PM
To: All kinds of people who want to involve themselves in the future media, The newsprint of the past is limited by the size of of the paper and the number of papers printed. Are the highly paid executives of the old media mystified by the new digital media? Does the new digital media have any limits? Who are the paper boys -- in the new digital media?


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