Obama's going to take your stuff!

Obama is bent on being a socialist; taking from who he thinks has too much and victimizing others. He must be fired!

Obama’s going to take your house, your car and anything you might have more of than the other guy or gal. Sad. Very sad, too, that 23 million Americans are without a job. They probably don’t have any stuff and are just praying for a place to sleep and eat. Infuriating, too, that under Obama for the first time in 100 years America’s credit rating has been downgraded. How did this happen? Obama promised “If I don’t fix the economy in three years, then I’ll be a one-term president." Instead Obama’s promises focused on Obamacare with its taxes, death panels, abortions and doctors answering to government rather than patients. Obama dolled out-- free cell phones, lots of entitlements, lies, and added his handpicked czars free from America’s Constitution ensuring no one branch of government becomes too powerful.

Now, pack up and hide your stuff cause Obama is going to take it. Maybe not this moment, but he’s coming after what you’ve worked to earn. Obama has his believers who think that they are entitled to America’s stuff. Each believer is waiting for Obama’s second term. It will be the end of America as we loved its capitalism. The lines will form to dole out all that cash from “ the rich“ who Obama seems to hate (yet he’s a millionaire). Are you prepared to protect your stuff from these entitlement lines?

Right now, King Obama’s edict is that he’s going to take some from the rich to give to the other folks. Obama defines these “rich” now as those who earn $250,000. Why $250,000 and not $450,000 or $95,000? If he is elected another four years, heaven forbid, his edict could change.

But the stuff? If this president plans to take from the rich to give to other folks, what else is possible? Why not cars, houses, land, trucks, boats, jewelry? You might own something the other guy doesn’t. No doubt you worked for it. You had your American Dream and saved and sacrificed till it became yours. What happens if the other folks don’t have stuff? Obama’s plan to share the wealth might not end at cash.

Voters we must stop Obama and his socialist insanity. In America, we work and sacrifice one thing for another. Americans are CAPITALISTS. Capitalism makes America rich in so many ways and better and different from other countries.

Obama’s promises are hot air on a teleprompter. Four more years of Obama is a nightmare to imagine. November 6 is the most important election in America’s history. It’s about saving our stuff; our pride in America, the American Dream, Capitalism, the Constitution. We must vote Obama fired! The only promise he’s read off that teleprompter that I’d wish he’d keep is to be a one-term president. Voters we must vote him out cause it appears he’s not keeping this promise either. November 6 will be our turn to help him keep that promise. Vote Romney/Ryan.




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Danarino May 09, 2013 at 09:49 PM
Maybe Al Ghore can get you a better job. Call him. He's been killin it during the Obamination years.
Murphy-Solon May 09, 2013 at 10:22 PM
Geez, you two are bored. You're just looking for an argument on a blog that's months old. I understand, I'm kind of going through withdraw myself. C'mon Danarino, write a one line blog like "is Obama a socialist?" and then it will be on.
Phyllis Stager May 10, 2013 at 01:26 PM
@ Murphy-Solon: Hey, where is that blog? Weren't you going to put one up as a 'debate' center? Hope all is well with you, its been months. Did you ever get to Texas? At least Obama made it to Texas yesterday! LOL! Maybe he can take home to the nation a rational economic policy! So much has happened nationally since we all had our 'exchanges'. To my way of thinking we are in a mess, particularly, culturally. Ohio is not the Ohio I knew and loved as I safely walked that mile to and from school. At any rate: Cheers!
Murphy-Solon May 10, 2013 at 01:35 PM
Hi Phyllis, I'm doing fine. Haven't written that blog yet but the topics have been so boring on the Patch lately that I just might have to blog something. You shouldn't worry about the moral fabric of the country. Things always seem to go the way they're meant to go. I understand the tendency to fight it but, throughout history, society evolves as intended. If not, life for women in this country would be totally different than what it is today. A big thunderstorm is heading our way in a few hours and I want to cut the lawn before it arrives. See you later !!!
Jon Douchichev June 05, 2013 at 11:09 PM
I am a socialist from Russia and everyone there agrees Obama is not even close to our socialist policies


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