Death By Childlessness. Another Definition of Despair.

How often does an empty uterus get a woman killed? It's a fair question.

Once again I’m reporting the death of a woman without children because, well, she has no children.  Third time this year.

According to Asian Age, an Indian government official, 42, is believed to have argued with his wife of 7 years about unsuccessful fertility treatments. In early April, he strangled the 32-year-old woman, then set himself on fire.  

When I first read the story, I was stunned to silence. 

People (who generally happen to be men) can physically perform horrible, unthinkable acts upon a woman’s body. We all know that. But, I’m not talking Jeffrey Dahmer; I’m talking clitoridectomy. I’m sensing that these stories may reveal not the rare oddity, but something bigger. Actions that certainly aren’t mainstream, but are common enough that shoulders are shrugged.

All 3 cases of DBC (death-by-childlessness) shared on this blog (including January and March 2012) happened in India. What’s up with that? What’s the cultural explanation? Does one exist? In the earlier stories, married women who were unable to conceive committed suicide. A more accurate descriptor might be “death-by-infertility.” 

Perhaps if I had a NotMom Foundation, or the funds to commission a pro to do the research, I’d learn how often an empty uterus gets a woman killed. Why does it happen? Where? And, what to do with the information?

Big freakin’ sigh.

There’s so much injustice and wrong in our world of hoodies and war, and there’ll be no march nor telethon here for the victims of DBC. That said, this website offers one of the few places where senseless, uterine-driven deaths of vibrant and productive women are not casually dismissed. 

What I know for sure is that I’m compelled to stop and say a little prayer each time I find a case of DBC. I hope you join me in sending silent hugs to any woman, anywhere, who dies or lives believing Life has nothing to offer her if she doesn’t produce Life herself. 

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Alexandra April 11, 2012 at 12:05 PM
very sad, sounds like a cultural issue. Because SHE could not become pregnant and carry his child, he might have felt it reflected poorly on himself and a loss of honor or producing and heir and therefore took out his anger on her.


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