Happy 200 years, Cuyahoga Falls

2012 marks the city's bicentennial and it won't go unnoticed.

August of 2012 will officially mark the bicentennial of Cuyahoga Falls. There is a celebration every 50 years, but this time it's special.

This year, the city plans to celebrate the occasion in a variety of ways. Gathering residents together and teaching them the city's past is one goal.

"We’re trying to inform people more about the history of the city," said Valerie Wax Carr, administrative vice president of the bicentennial executive committee.

Years ago, 200 to be specific, the city was founded and called Manchester, according to the city's historic record. 

The falls of Cuyahoga River, running through the area, stirred up the name Cuyahoga Falls. The water provided a base for industrial work along the river at the time. Industry hasn't left Cuyahoga Falls, though it doesn't reside as heavily along the river. Instead, the  looks out over the falls, according to the Cuyahoga Falls web history.

The Sheraton Suites Hotel is where some city residents rang in the new year at the New Years Eve Bicentennial Ball. Food, dancing and fun kicked off the city's birthday for 2012.

A calendar found on the Cuyahoga Falls website will be updated throughout the year with bicentennial events. 

Quick look at upcoming celebrations

The Frozen River Ice Festival will be at Jan 21 and 22. Ice carvers of nearby University of Akron, vendors, ice skating and more will join the city together in winter celebration, said Jennifer Syx, deputy director of development.

A Birthday Bash at the , Feb. 19 will give kids a chance to commemorate the city's bithday. 

August holds the biggest bicentennial events of the year with a torch-lighting ceremony, car shows, historical tours and parades. It's all set to start Aug. 3 and wrap up Aug. 12, but that won't be the end of bicentennial events this year. 

Bicentennial Funds

The city will be selling shirts, hats candles and other items throughout the year and at events. To purchase these items, visit the bicentennial website.

To make a direct donation to the non-profit Bicentennial Committee, check out their link here.


Check back on Cuyahoga Falls Patch throughout the year for more bicentennial information.


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