Music, Car Manners and Me

A choice I would like my readers to think about is the choice to Turn Off The Radio! Be a parent.

There are moments in our day-to-day journey, that we make choices, depending on who, what, where, when and why. A choice I would like my readers to think about is the choice to turn off the radio!  

In any relationship (adult to adult, adult to child, parent to child) when you are in the car it is a special time to listen and have a conversation. It's a choice. It is an opportunity that comes around maybe once a day.

I have observed for several years that when students in general are picked up from school, sporting events and other social events, I hear loud music coming from the cars. So when a child enters the car, there is no talking, no gestures of hello, how was your day? No common courtesy. Just loud music over the sounds of any simple conversation that could possibly take place. What a waste!

This time is so valuable, as a parent to connect with their child. It is a rich moment in time that you won't get back. It is one of the reason our society is breaking down. We don’t really know what is happening in our children's lives, our spouse's life, as we know it. So how can we truly parent?

As soon as you get to your next destination people scatter to the next activity of homework, making dinner, chores, doing their own thing. Are the sounds of the radio/cd  more important then the child we have in the car? 

Are you one of those parents? If you are, STOP, turn your music off, listen to your child..talk to your child..be a parent! Be the role model you have the ability to be. This is the time you will find our all sort of information about school, friends, their feelings and what is happening in the the life of the most important person to you. Again, become a good listener.

Wake up and be a good parent! You may fight this choice, but try it and see the changes that take place in your lives.

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Teresa K. May 09, 2012 at 06:34 PM
wonderful article and so true. so many important "chats" happen between parent and child in a car where we spend alot of time. many of those talks would not have happened with the radio blaring. ( of course, it's important to respect each other on a bad day where some music can soothe the wounded.)
Andrea S May 10, 2012 at 02:58 PM
I find that my husband and I have some of our best conversations on road trips when we turn off the radio and just talk for a few hours.
Melissa Hebert May 10, 2012 at 03:10 PM
I'm turning on the radio less and less in the car, even when I'm alone. As Depeche Mode sang, "Enjoy the silence." My husband has satellite radio in his car, and we enjoy that on road trips, although the volume is turned down a bit so we can also talk.


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