Portage Crossing Closer to Taking Shape

Recession slows progress on development of former State Road center.

Cuyahoga Falls Development Director Susan Truby says progress is being made with plans for the Portage Crossing development, just not as quickly as the city and developer Stark Enterprises would like. 

But a new sign indicates progress is being made. Standing at the southeast corner of State Road and Portage Trail, the sign is flanked by silhouettes of someone walking a dog on the left and someone pushing a shopping cart on the right.

Aside from the sign, there has not been a lot of news about the Portage Crossing development in recent months.

A Facebook page administered by Portage Crossing has some people speculating whether the project is still alive. 

A call to Stark Enterprises has not been returned.  

"We're getting very close and we're very excited about our prospects," developer Robert Stark told the Falls News-Press in January. "But these things take a long time to finish." 

A difficult economy means it's taking a little longer. 

Robin Anderson May 16, 2011 at 07:44 PM
Well, duh! Perhaps we also need one of those "thermometer-type" signs showing the tax dollars, both income & property, forfeited with the loss of the old State Road Shopping Center while the Robart Administration studies it's Cliff Notes & get's up to speed re being an "entrepreneur"...eh?


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