Perfect Pic: Photo App Created by Falls Shop Owner Goes Global

Cuyahoga Falls business owner Sean Bammer has created a hot new app that can slow videos down to 64 frames per second to capture those evasive photo ops.

Strongsville native Sean Bammer recently dusted off an idea once dreamt up while snowboarding with friends in the winter of 2008.

At the time, Bammer wanted to catch crisp, high res shots of his pals as they sped down the slopes, but lacked the photo and editing equipment to do so.

Instead, he thought, what if an app could enable a smart phone to break videos down into hundreds or thousands of frames in order to capture and save the perfect shot.

Earlier this year, Bammer convinced his friend, Manoj Das, a Cleveland firefighter, to join the venture. They cobbled together $23,000 and approached a Canadian-based company called Bawtree Software to develop the iPhone/iPad application, known as Perfect Pic.

Since its release on July 18, 11,000 people in over 90 countries have downloaded the app. It recently hit number 31 in Apple's "What's Hot" section and has received dozens of positive reviews. 

“We knew we had something when our developer from Bawtree, Shane McCallum, recognized the app’s potential and asked to be cut in as a partner. We immediately brought him in on it,” said Bammer, a and owner of in Cuyahoga Falls.

“It can be used to capture lightning strikes during a storm, those hard-to-get baby or pet photos, action sports shots and so on. We’re just happy it’s doing well and relieved that we got to this idea first.”

Check out the Perfect Pic demo by clicking the Youtube video above. 


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