Track the Easter Bunny on His Way to Cuyahoga Falls

Websites promise to keep tabs as he hops our way with goodies

Kids can track the Easter Bunny on his journey to Brecksville Saturday with help from some websites. 

At this site, trackeasterbunny.com, there are games and coloring pages, as well as a tracking page that starts March 30. 

We also found this online tracker that shows a satellite view of the Bunny's hideout and says it will start following his progress March 30. 

A site called TheBunnyTracker.com promises to keep kids up to date on the rabbit's progress as he hops around the world.

And there's also an iPhone app for 99 cents that offers a map of where the Bunny is on his journey.

Best bet to make sure he visits your house tonight is to leave out some carrots or lettuce. Word is, the Easter Bunny will happily leave some chocolates and jelly beans in their place.


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