The Futile Fifth Step: Compulsory Disclosure of Confidential Communications Among Alcoholics Anonymous Members

PAridise Club Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
PAridise Club Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Paridise Club located in Cuyahoga Falls Ohio has also put citizens , minor children and vulnerable recovering newcomers at great risk by not reporting a crime that was shared with them at a board / members meeting . Their acting president Vince H., openly addmited that he was a sexual predator, and had taken on the job as president in hopes to hire pretty little young things to fulfill some of his sexual fantasies. He told the one female employee that he hired her in hopes to have his way with her- but worse than that he went on to share with her that he is having lustful thoughts about her minor daughters. He then went on & on confessing to perverted thoughts and actions with other members of Alcoholics Anonymous , some being minors , wife's , ect. Vince stated that he also asks some  these woman to clean his apartment for money ,  in hopes that when he gets them there he can get them into his bedroom and have 'his 'way with them . He stated that he was dating a woman that was battling cancer and had been going to several Holy Grounds to pray her dead , in hopes to console her daughters when their mom died!  Then said ,"yes  I was hoping to have sex with at least one of them ," Everyone knows that girls that are victims love sex". -This is sick and disturbing and by law should of been reported by the board members -- but more sick is that the Paridise club allows Vince to still attend the club and be around the children of the members and the youth and woman that attend 12 step programs on a daily basis there. 


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